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Nongmen Shangjiao

Nongmen Shangjiao

Nongmen Shangjiao

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    Nongmen Shangjiao
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    Moonlight flow book
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2022-01-14 10:26:05
It is said that there is an old man named Tianji in the state of Chen, who has accepted a female apprentice. Anyone who is enlightened by this Shu can become a god of great concern, even the empress< Br> make complaints about their daily life except for Tucao or : if I hadn't wanted to make complaints about the image of the people in my heart, I'd have given up this woman. Br > Queen: it's my fault that others are too involved in the play and interpret it too much four beauties in Kyoto: the common people regard us as mortal immortals, and we are highly sought after for every move, tool and thing. In fact, we don't mind coarse linen clothes, but just want to cultivate our mind... I thought she could lie down and win by relying on a group of bosses. Who knows that one day she will be eaten by the bosses and lose her freedom to marry people are hard, tired and don't love. She doesn't marry but has children. It's always OK to inherit her family

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