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Seek power with you

Seek power with you

Seek power with you

Rating: 9 / 10 from 7228 ratings
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    Seek power with you
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    A seed
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    Light Novel
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2023-03-17 17:58:15
I, Guan Ranran, a young girl in the 21st century, passed through just because she died suddenly playing games at home. Please, can this be more outrageous? Well, it's OK to cross. She can understand it, but what's the matter with an 18-year-old girl crossing a milk doll? Well, at least she's a very popular little princess. OK, then she accepted it. She eats, drinks and sleeps every day. She has a natural and unrestrained life. However, the eyes of the close guard are wrong... Until that time, she pretended to be president fan gently picked his chin and said, "I heard you plotted against the princess. What did you plot?" he said faintly, "seek power." Looking at her angry little appearance, he finally couldn't help laughing, rubbed her face, and gently added the sentence: "with you."