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The noble son has a bad heart

The noble son has a bad heart

The noble son has a bad heart

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    The noble son has a bad heart
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    Han Feihua
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    52weixin Books
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2022-01-18 09:12:42
Shen Tianli didn't know that the majestic Marquis Kangping was his daughter until the moment of his death. In this life, Shen Tianli wholeheartedly wanted to follow Kangping Hou. He could only hold him in his heart, and everything else was floating clouds Jiang Qing frowned like a little adult: "Mom, why does that brother always pinch my face?" Mother: "that brother likes you, so he pinches you." Jiang Qing pursed: "but I don't like him at all." when Jiang Qing grew up, he thought Shen Tianli was a pathogen and had to stay away from it SHEN Tianli thought hard all day. He couldn't understand that Jiang Qing fell in love with him at first sight in his last life. Goodbye in this life, why do you despise it