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Big man turning the sky introduction

Big man turning the sky introduction

Big man turning the sky introduction

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    Big man turning the sky introduction
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    Charming night water grass
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    Cook Books
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2022-05-12 06:30:12
Yuxi burn has a full-scale rebirth with an alien space. It's a little embarrassing at the time of rebirth. She's calculated by the villain again "hehe!" let's see how the man level leaders fight against the enemy, kick the villains, build a top-level business empire, create an invincible sect, and wait for the world to come "look at the cloud, look at the wind, I'll let them all follow my wishes!" if the sky goes well with me, the sky will be there If heaven goes against me, heaven will die the big man's strategy has been launched. It is cool, modern and overhead. It involves rich families, business empires, entertainment circles, e-sports, live broadcasting, jade, rare treasures, ancient martial arts cultivation, metaphysics, medicine and other fields. Please watch it!

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