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Hostess, she just wants to study hard

Hostess, she just wants to study hard

Hostess, she just wants to study hard

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    Hostess, she just wants to study hard
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    Three leaf cherry
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    Yipin Books
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2022-01-15 02:36:30
Sweet PET / Shuangjie / 1v1 a small group pet that makes Qi in tea × You Yunshi, the youngest in his family, is the most favored one. He has no goal in his life and is waiting to eat and die then she saw that... the eldest brother was admitted to Qingbei the second sister studied abroad why is she only a small waste you Yunxi said: I want to study hard! Don't eat and die however, if you try too hard and don't have enough talent, you can't understand how to learn at this time, she quietly stared at her Xueba deskmate... you Yunshi: Xueba, this problem won't... deskmate: ask your brother to teach you you Yun did not hesitate: giegiegie ~ deskmate waiting to be scolded:... -- deskmate: do you understand this question you Yunshi (nodding): Uh huh heart: what ghost, what ghost, how can I not understand? But I can't show that I'm stupid deskmate: tell me again you Yunshi:... I was wrong (the author fooled around and Bo Jun smiled) (study hard and make progress every day) since the moment we met, you have been my star day and night -- lemontov -- dark eyes