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He is wild and flirty

He is wild and flirty

He is wild and flirty

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    He is wild and flirty
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    Pitaya fruit
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    Wine Novel
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[seven of the top ten school grass series of Z university] Yu MuQing has never seen anyone so obsessed with hip-hop dancing as her little bamboo horse yezimo from childhood to childhood, Zimo was surrounded by a large group of fans. It was his fault to skip classes, fight and make trouble... It was his fault to ask her to deal with the aftermath of a lot of trouble yezimo was the real murderer when she was fierce: "xiaoqingqing, you promised my mother to take care of me, and you dare to send water to other boys?" milk was real milk when she was milk: "her foot hurts so much, it can only be cured if xiaoqingqing rubs it!" yumuqing was annoyed: "there are so many fans, who took him!" but her wish never came true later, yezimo became famous. At an award ceremony, the host asked, "why do you dance hip-hop?" he said: "when I was five years old, a girl told me that she would marry the boy who can dance hip-hop best." yezimo looked at Yu MuQing affectionately, and the audience looked at Yu MuQing curiously yumuqing: "..." yezimo blew up: "little Qingqing, don't say you forgot! You promise to marry me now!"

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