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After wearing Xiuxian shuangwen, I and the devil he

After wearing Xiuxian shuangwen, I and the devil he

After wearing Xiuxian shuangwen, I and the devil he

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    After wearing Xiuxian shuangwen, I and the devil he
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    Southerly sky
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    Happy Read
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2023-03-09 20:23:59
Mu yuan wears a Book of Xiuxian shuangwen and becomes the master of white moonlight beauty. Unfortunately, she is an NPC who gets cannon fodder in 10 chapters in order to prevent the male Lord from blackening in the later stage and becoming a demon, Mu yuan decided to help him avoid all obstacles that can cause heart demons who knows the biggest obstacle is her. The little devil doesn't want to blink when he stares at the master's eyes every day Mu Yuan said positively: "it's human nature to like to see beauty. You always admire your teacher, and you won't be blamed for being a teacher." Xuan Ling nodded, which means that he doesn't need to have a psychological burden to see the teacher in the future, right then, a statue was put down Xuanling's eyes were slightly dark. She held Mu yuan horizontally and gently put her on the bed master, I'm offended * * * Mu yuan thought that after absorbing the evil Qi from Xuanling, he could not change the devil, and she could go offline at ease who would have thought that she didn't get off the line successfully after waiting for n for a long time, but she was red eyed by the male owner and protected in her arms "if you dare to die, I'll ask these three realms to bury you! I did what I said!" Mu yuan: my life is too young. Still can't stop the male Lord from destroying the sky and the earth # large horse dropping scene # on the deterioration of filial piety (1v1, Shuangjie, he, relaxed, Su Shuangtian) you are the antidote to my lovesickness and my only belief in this life this book is also known as "I save meiqiang miserable devil after wearing the book" and "master wants to go offline every day" PS: male master, small white rabbit in the early stage, white cut black in the middle stage, and finally in the late stage of disease men and women take the wrong script in the early stage, and each has a large size in the later stage readers 【 Nanfeng nest 】【 242868180 】

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