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Glory circle pet

Glory circle pet

Glory circle pet

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    Glory circle pet
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    Seven wonders
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2023-05-25 22:12:37
Ye Qiu thought it was bad enough for his bastard brother to run away from home for many years, until he met the glittering little girl at the door of his home... the little girl confessed that she had a "119" fire-fighting system, and ye Qiu, who was unable to resist each other's scorched eyes, got her ID card - Ye Xia Ye Xia thought that the world of constant death due to automatic completion setting was enough to be a headache, but who can tell her why she, a conscientious firefighter, forced to bind the glory player's main profession? Still have to finish the world championship achievement in five years the world of full-time experts, the world of smiling, etc. are very Su ~ about CP: there will be an ending! As for the ending, it depends on their chemical reaction\( ~)/ PS: there must be an OOC in this book. Otherwise, how can I put out the fire.

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