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He was spoiled by him again

He was spoiled by him again

He was spoiled by him again

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    He was spoiled by him again
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    Blue nine
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    Lava Novel
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2023-06-07 14:50:54
[Su Chongtiao] Ji Wu is an expert when I first met Xu: Ji Wu shook his hand holding the water cup and wet people's clothes Ji Wu winked innocently, "I didn't mean it, but I can help you clean it." Xu Shifeng raised her eyes slightly and didn't speak when I saw Xu on the second day: Ji Wu held a pup and knocked on the door next door Mei Mei's eyes were misty and pitiful. "My dog is ill. Can Dr. Xu save it..." Xu Shi: "..." he's not a veterinarian when I saw Xu on the third day: Ji Wu climbed over the wall and entered his room her eyes were soft and her red lips were slightly hooked, "why... Are you waiting for me?" * Ji Wu is a fine man, and no one cares about his work until one day, Ji Wu watched someone lock the door, and then... Disciplined her severely what is blatant and reckless in the world? He's just letting her.

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