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Heavenly maiden flowers

Heavenly maiden flowers

Heavenly maiden flowers

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    Heavenly maiden flowers
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    Taohu fairy tale
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    Wine Novel
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2022-08-03 15:12:39
If heaven is hard, a gentleman should strive for self-improvement. Changcheng is a prefecture level city in the south of the Yangtze River. Men and women were born in 1970 in the last century. They grew up in the process of reform and development. In 2018, this generation has been struggling in this city for 30 years. They have contributed their talents and youth to urban development and Rural Revitalization. They have become entrepreneurs, businessmen, doctors, workers and farmers. They have made a lot of achievements in agriculture, modern medicine, pension and education. At the same time, they have also created a prosperous and strong Changcheng city. Men and women born in the 1970s, 2018 is their life year, 2019 is their virtual 50 years old, 50 know their destiny. In 2018 and 2019, these destiny men and women, their careers and families, have things beyond the control of human and wishes. In the past two years, they have made plans for the next ten years from the year of their destiny to knowing their destiny. Whether they can add icing on the cake in the future. They are not looking at nature, but to contribute their wisdom and youth.

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