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When the wind blows, you forget me

When the wind blows, you forget me

When the wind blows, you forget me

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    When the wind blows, you forget me
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    Wine Novel
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2022-07-09 17:45:08
Jiang Li died the night he proposed to Xu Ji. Before he died, he tightly held the ring stained with blood. He regretted that he didn't propose to the girl he loved Jiang Li sat on the sofa and looked at the busy Xu supposition. He had been dead for two months. Unexpectedly, he turned into a wandering soul and followed Xu supposition. Looking at Xu supposition in a daze and crying, he wanted to come forward to wipe away her tears, and his hand just passed through her Xu Ji's memory is getting worse and worse. Sometimes she will suddenly forget Jiang Li's face, and sometimes she will forget every bit of being with Jiang Li. She thought it was unfair to be naive. He dug Jiang Li out of his heart, and now he wants to erase Jiang Li from his memory "Jiang Li, have you been with me all the time?" Xu Ji looked out of the window and said with self mockery, "hahaha, what am I thinking? You're dead" and tears fell down again. "You are so cruel that you don't want to see me in your dream." Jiang Li sat beside and looked at Xu Ji, who was talking to himself. His eyes could not help but turn red Xu Ji finally dreamed of Jiang Li. The young man in a white shirt touched her head and smiled and said, "Xu Ji, the grass where we met for the first time is full of flowers. Remember to go and have a look. When the wind blows, I'm saying goodbye to you. When you go home, forget me."

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