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Boiling factory melodious song

Boiling factory melodious song

Boiling factory melodious song

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    Boiling factory melodious song
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    Maple flower
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    Weixin Book
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2023-03-16 12:45:18
In the 20th century, some young men and women who did not have time to participate in the college entrance examination for various reasons were forced to enter the technical school of Muyang chemical fiber factory. A generation of young people represented by Zhang Lina, Liu Danyu, Luo Xiaomei and Jiang Shuhua are writing the most beautiful love years with youth and blood. Young women not only shoulder the heavy responsibility of teaching, but also complete the production tasks of the workshop. They are optimistic, upward and conscientious, like a clear stream flowing in the boiling factory with the wave of enterprise reform, factories are bankrupt, workers are unemployed and people are terrified. But being laid off did not make them confused and decadent. Reemployment made them rekindle their fighting spirit, such as ye ye's boat bravely fighting in the business sea. In order to survive, to yearn for life, and to realize their own life values, they faced the bleak life, cut through thorns and thorns on the way forward, and began to struggle with the unfair fate.

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