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My host is not generally cruel

My host is not generally cruel

My host is not generally cruel

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    My host is not generally cruel
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    Meng Xuening
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-08-02 04:31:37
[low EQ, lack of loving female owners vs double quotient online male owners] Yanxue accidentally binds the system 007, shuttles through the task world, acts as a judge of the law and judges the sins of the world she thought her life would always be like this, but she never thought she would provoke someone in the task the second time we met, he became the young master of the Xie family and her fiance Yan Xue grinds her knife at someone. She doesn't need a fiance the system on one side bit the handkerchief, "little sister, leave someone under the knife. We can't afford to provoke this big guy!" when we met for the third time, he witnessed Yan Xue's feat of selecting five in one Yan xueti sword walked to him and asked the system, "can this man be disposed of?" system 007 wanted to cry without tears, "no!!! He was the big guy last time." the fourth time we met, he was a poisonous tongue movie king. He mocked as soon as we met, "your dress is really hot eyes." Yan Xue raised his eyebrows slightly and said to the system, "can I beat him half paralyzed?" The system 007 shivered, "no, little sister." although the first meeting was unsatisfactory, later, he spoiled her # cookies you deserve#

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