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Jintang Chunshen

Jintang Chunshen

Jintang Chunshen

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    Jintang Chunshen
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    Author pck8ur
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2022-08-05 20:42:30
In the 26th year of Yuanhui, the delicate daughter of the Ji family was sent to Dajue temple, which was the place where madmen stayed the man who took her by force will no longer hold her slender waist and whisper softly in her ear; Will no longer hold her carefully and approach her tentatively and piously; No longer will she plead humbly, just for a smile in her autumn pupil but so what? Every day and night around him, she is suffering, and she wants him to die she succeeded on that day, he brought his gentle and quiet wife to her and begged her to go back the next moment, a soldier rushed in and brought the news that his whole family was destroyed for a while, the world turned upside down. The former Emperor and the future uncle fell into the mire she smiled at him: "well, the Manchus are all destroyed. What's the taste of falling into the mire? I'll give it back to you one by one. I don't know whether you are satisfied with the result, Emperor Shi and my cousin?" on the same day, she lit the temple and died in the raging fire I don't want him to get any ashes this is the ending she prepared for herself. Even if she died, she didn't want to be in the same cave with him ZHENG Lingqi has never cried since he became governor he was ignored, tortured, suffered all the pain, and never showed a fragile look until that day, all the people in the world will never forget. From Duke Ji's mansion in Shengjing to Dajue temple, from Qingshiban road to thorny path, and on the 3000 steps to Dajue temple, there is an extremely embarrassed man with luxurious clothes who worships in three steps and knocks in nine steps. While laughing, his blood and tears are like beads, big and big, dripping down.

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