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After becoming immortal Zun, she wore it back

After becoming immortal Zun, she wore it back

After becoming immortal Zun, she wore it back

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    After becoming immortal Zun, she wore it back
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    Street smoke
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2022-01-14 22:49:28
After Jiang Li became immortal, she wore it back to modern times in this life, she is no longer a villain girl whom everyone hates -- Jiang Li was controlled by the villain system in her previous life. She acted vulgar, ignorant, sinister and vicious. Finally, she was tortured to death by the female Lord and her admirers. Her end was miserable in this life, she came back with thousands of divine power, peerless appearance and decathlon, and directly tore up the villain's script is the hostess Harvard's talented woman, the top elite sorry, your teachers should call me "mentor" in the medical field, do women have the qualifications of top leaders I'm sorry, the flesh and bones of life and death are here the female owner is a top hacker, shuttling through the Internet in the dark night sorry, the divine domain network I developed has no access. Once the alarm is triggered, I will kill it -- the return of female immortals from other worlds to the city has attracted clouds and clouds everywhere a big man with great power in both the light and the dark posted a photo: "wife, mine." at the end of the sentence, a close photo of him and Jiang Li was attached. For a moment, the whole network was in a uproar two super bigwigs together? What a fairy Versailles story -- Su Shuangchong, sweet! Immortal female emperor big man female Lord vs pseudo small poor gloomy black male Lord.

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