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Bian Su

Bian Su

Bian Su

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    Bian Su
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    The lamp water is far away
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    Long Novel
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2023-03-22 13:37:39
The bloodthirsty, ruthless, indifferent and cruel general Jin Lu of linzizhou Galaxy blew up the whole enemy Corps on a trip, and lost his beloved wife Jane after heartlessly cheating the Admiral who always kept "I love you and love you, so I let others get pregnant" to his wife lost his wife physically and mentally. Looking at Jane, she was poisoned by the enemy's undercover for a long time. She directly violated the Treaty of space war, drove a warship to destroy three enemy stars, and died together. She won the title of the first demon king in the universe and changed a thousand lives for two lives karma, reincarnation and reconstruction. When Jin Lu crossed the earth thousands of years ago, looking at this "desolate and poor" land, he thought he had gone to hell. Unexpectedly, it was a wife chasing crematorium. Isn't it really heaven but his wife doesn't remember him at all. When she meets him, she quarrels. He doesn't know what it is in a previous life, but she still learns a little language. The submissive nature became extremely steel and hot. He raised a wild wolf and took a bodyguard. No one loved him in the sunglasses area "I know you're dangerous, but I just want to take you, because it's fun." Jin Lu sighed silently, I'm just fun. Don't really bring an enemy back (rebirth goes through the crematorium and digs the dark secrets of the times hand in hand.)

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