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Snow knife order

Snow knife order

Snow knife order

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    Snow knife order
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    Tumble coke bubbles
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    Mountain Book
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2023-03-15 20:30:31
A man is far away from the Jianghu. He carries a sky splitting knife all day. He hides flying snow on his waist and abducts people. He is carefree and comfortable, except that he has no money to spend a man who lives high in the temple, holds a night charm Xuan flower in his hand all day, and has peach blossoms in his eyes. He laughs and loves the city. He has all his fighting skills, except for conquering women one day, the two met at the moment of carbide spark, she cheated him of his wealth and he wiped her off since then, the world has darkened, heaven and earth have reversed, and 300000 brave horses and flags have been held high for whom the red candle curtain, the ever burning lamp, and the moon through the blue yarn he leaned down and smiled with red lips: "it's said that Wang Ke's wife is terrible?" she smiled like a flower and gently held the flying snow: "the Lord probably doesn't know, I'm also Ke Fu." "is that it?" he smiled and grabbed the flying snow knife she hid, threw it out of the red curtain, kissed her in her surprise and lingered all the way down -- did he respond to her disaster or did she become the cinnabar in his heart I am free from worldly affairs, laugh and close my eyes to wait for an appointment of life and death!

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