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Monster boss, she was forced to save the world

Monster boss, she was forced to save the world

Monster boss, she was forced to save the world

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    Monster boss, she was forced to save the world
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    Qing Xiyuan
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    Free Novel
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2022-09-29 16:37:40
I heard that the rich second generation boyfriend dumped himself, but my parents were so happy immortal dad said: good to break up! What is the rich second generation? You are the second generation of immortals the fierce beast mother said: as the daughter of the fierce beast, you should also find a match in love. Mom will introduce you to a divine beast as your son-in-law Lin Meiqi, who grew up under modern socialism, said: I just want to be an ordinary person however, things didn't work out. The divine Beast asked her for a blind date. The demon king showed his love to her and the God wanted to marry her Emperor Ming looked at the red line of marriage between his wrist and the fierce beast cub and was silent... she can only be his... evil forces are gradually enveloping the world. As a fierce beast of blood that can suppress evil spirits, Lin Meiqi has become the primary target of evil practitioners evil demons and devils can't resist the power of fierce animals, so they have to sacrifice their lives to welcome the Lord's coming Emperor Ming looked coldly at his fanatical cult worshippers: bully my baby and die - fierce beast boss who just wants to fall in love and engage in scientific research x dual personality, high cold abstinence + paranoid evil man Deputy CP: game house man, video game God, little milk dog, fairy father x forensic boss, beautiful and SA fierce beast mother

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