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Da Xuan medicine in the 1980s

Da Xuan medicine in the 1980s

Da Xuan medicine in the 1980s

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    Da Xuan medicine in the 1980s
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    Heavenly heart and bone
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    Beauty Read
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2022-08-05 11:51:16
When successfully crossing the robbery, nine different thunder fell from the sky, and Xia Qing was killed once reborn, the full-term friars returned to the 1980s of the previous life it is when the family is too poor to pay tuition fees and go to school. They are chased after them and call the poor. The best relatives bully the door every once in a while, and the family is despised the father is foolish and filial, the mother is weak, and the younger brother and sister are young and not sensible Xia Qing rolled up her sleeves to change the fate of the family Contract fish ponds to raise spiritual fish, open up barren mountains to grow spiritual medicine, get rich through hard work and strive for a well-off society Kao Huaqing, shangjingda, life is on the fast lane tear the top-grade slag by hand and kick the white lotus. Whoever is not afraid of death will go up accidentally, the name of "Saint hand country doctor" was added. It is said that having a business card of Xia Qing is equivalent to an extra life the ninth master Huo of Shangjing took a beautiful woman into his arms, "younger martial sister, I want to live forever!" "I think you are very ill!" the ninth master Huo: "beg but don't. toss and turn and can't sleep at night. What's the disease?" "there's no cure for lovesickness. Sir, do you need me to find a dragon point for you?" Xia Qing poked the man's solid chest.

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