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Drunk pillow Dongdu

Drunk pillow Dongdu

Drunk pillow Dongdu

Rating: 9 / 10 from 26200 ratings
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    Drunk pillow Dongdu
  • Author:

    Chu Yu
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    Weixin Book
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On the Dongdu cruise ship, Su Luoyang was pushed into the water and resurfaced, which has changed his modern heart Luo Yang, who lost his original owner's memory, not only failed to find the murderer, but was even pursued that night the more you check, the more critical it is, and the more frustrated it is, the more brave it is one is the little girl who wants to save the disaster of extermination in the general's house one is the reborn six emperor's younger brother who endured humiliation to the eastern capital and wanted to save his friends time and space are intertwined, love and hate are intertwined, and they have the first common small goal in this life... Li Zou: I can predict what will happen in three years, so I have to listen to me Su Luoyang: I can predict what will happen in a thousand years. Am I proud Lizuo: at least I'm the king of a country. Give me some face... Listen to me for big things and you for small things Su Luoyang: OK! From now on, what I can decide is not a big deal mountain mang is green, and Luoshui is vast. drunk pillow east capital, nests in pairs.

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