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After rebirth, the hostess won

After rebirth, the hostess won

After rebirth, the hostess won

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    After rebirth, the hostess won
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    The apple hit Newton again
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    Novel 520
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2023-01-28 09:17:17
In a previous life, Jia Yu, a poor sister, suddenly surprised hundreds of millions of property and took a rich marriage away is it the pie falling from the sky, or the pie of marrying Gao Fu, Shuai and hundreds of millions of heritages before Jia Yu could enjoy it, he was killed by Bai Ruxue, the little wife of the third uncle... Jia Yu was wrongly killed by Bai Ruxue's fruit knife and reborn rebirth was... when grandma Jia and uncle Jia hegui dragged her to be buried alive... [the rebirth life starts with being buried alive, ends with the peak, and the process is - Oh, it's a rich family! It took half a lifetime to know that she can actually win!]

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