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Infinite abyss

Infinite abyss

Infinite abyss

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    Infinite abyss
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    Disagree, Ru
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2022-08-03 10:38:03
"I don't understand why you saved me again and again." "you obviously have a chance to kill me." "do you believe that I said I couldn't help myself?" ... "I never thought that people's hearts can't look directly like the sun." "I don't seem to be who I used to be." "no matter what you become, I'm still happy with you." An ancient mountain village living in seclusion in the mountains at the end of the Zhou Dynasty has been guarding the evil seal for 2000 years. The 20-year-old sacrifice was artificially destroyed, and the "abyss" that absorbed infinite negative energy was resurfaced, and the sinners were randomly selected to enter the world of obsession as her uncle Ji Wuji disappeared unreasonably, Ji Yu opened the inexplicable black letter at home and fell into the "abyss" of endless persistence. She narrowly missed all kinds of tasks in the world. Since then, the secret about her life experience opened the door to her. At the same time, she was also involved in a conspiracy 20 years ago and learned the absurd truth behind it

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