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Take the warehouse to the desert island to farm

Take the warehouse to the desert island to farm

Take the warehouse to the desert island to farm

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    Take the warehouse to the desert island to farm
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    Meng Meng demon
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    Redhouse Novel
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2022-08-01 23:15:29
Before crossing, Zhao Yiyi was a rich and dignified farmhouse with hundreds of millions of assets. She was arrogant after crossing, Zhao Yicheng has no money and no house. He also has to perform a big survival in the wild. He is forced to eat wild vegetables day by day. He is so bad What's worse is that the prisoners in this ancient desert island are all ferocious criminals. As the only sister, paper, it's miserable there is no justice in business: the former crown prince, who was exiled in a power struggle, died miserably when his father and Emperor sought power and usurped the throne. Uncle Huang was in power and was exiled on a desert island. What he wanted to do every day was to escape from the desert island and recapture his rights. Where should he go in the contest between rights and private affairs... xuanyuanchen: a descendant of the hidden family, a killer with excellent martial arts. He is the most perfect knight, Forbearance waiting for love in order to survive on a desert island, I ran into a beautiful man. Although the prince was shining, he seized power with heavy profits. Although the knight was cold, gentle and considerate, it was just right the real desert island survives in such a. There are a bunch of criminals on the desert island. She is the only woman on the island. She can only cover her little vest with trembling this is the story of a woman who fell on a desert island and fought with a group of criminals.

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