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Wear it! Help! My host is in a hole again

Wear it! Help! My host is in a hole again

Wear it! Help! My host is in a hole again

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    Wear it! Help! My host is in a hole again
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    I'm not cold
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    Lava Novel
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2023-03-31 17:37:25
[boundless female strong, independent in the early stage, later 1v1] after being stabbed to death in the street, the sad sand sculpture girl filmed with the system Xiaoqi and began to complete tasks in various worlds for survival. From then on, she counterattacked, made a fortune, cherished beautiful women, and reached the peak of her life... card - No, the script was taken wrong ~ filmography: what? Fell and lost level 15 System: if the task score is not perfect, 10 levels will be dropped filmmaker: what's wrong? I am a level 10 newcomer. Why do I meet a level 100 Tasker filmmaker: darling, am I working on a loan_ ( l ` "∠) filmmaker: wait, this is wrong. Shouldn't I take the script of cannon fodder counter attack into a big man? (° д ° ) who can tell her why every time she grows to a certain stage, she will be returned to level 0 filmography: which bastard is it!!! You come out. I promise I won't kill you. (° д ° ) Xiao Qi: help! My host is double...... it's crater! Br > in this way, an explosion message rang through the seventh district: level 0 bosses were found in the seventh district, Lords! Come back!

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