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Little sister s cannon fodder space

Little sister s cannon fodder space

Little sister s cannon fodder space

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    Little sister s cannon fodder space
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    Gu slowly
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2022-12-04 15:41:11
The little sister was hit by a task space for no reason I thought she was going to the top of her life with her golden finger, but she didn't want to be cheated # president of the consortium # big long legged suckling father # Gao Leng little Heavenly Master # sick and petite brother # handsome gold Lord... She is not the protagonist, she is only in charge of cannon fodder How can this work my little sister's huge ambition doesn't allow her to be cannon fodder so low-key cannon fodder that does not become the protagonist's ambition is not good cannon fodder. I am the most handsome cub to expose the uprising and kill the protagonist. 1v1

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