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After binding the system, I became a big man

After binding the system, I became a big man

After binding the system, I became a big man

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    After binding the system, I became a big man
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    Luo Xiaoyao
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    18ws Read
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2023-03-14 16:51:25
Tang Li is an ordinary junior high school student. The fun every day is how to save money to buy small skirts and how to live on salted fish day by day but one day, she was bound by a system that claimed that she would die if she didn't krypton gold. Originally, she was very happy that a wronged big head bought herself a small skirt, but for a long time... Tang Li: why haven't she spent all this money? Why are there so many? Can I throw it away Tang Li: why do you spend money and go through so many troublesome procedures? Can't you be simple and rough Tang Li: somebody help me! I don't want to spend any more money, thank you after binding the system, Tang Li not only became the richest man, but also a koi with its own good luck buff. She grabbed a lot of treasure in her hand. She didn't want to put it outside, which was scrambled and almost fought each vest created by minors has a group of people begging to hold their thighs Tang Li covered her vest tightly and said: I just want to be a salted fish the female owner is the European emperor player. After binding the system, she can take off directly the female owner can be sweet or salty. The male owner is an unknown creature. Shuangwen. There are no twists and turns for the sake of shuangwen. The author is the mother of the female owner this book can also be called "you must cover my vest!", "on how a golden salted fish lives" and "turn over and continue to be my salted fish"