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Exclusive Golden Branch

Exclusive Golden Branch

Exclusive Golden Branch

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    Exclusive Golden Branch
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    Long walk home
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    Qishi Book
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2023-05-16 03:59:46
Ji Chonghuan, the second son of the government of Anguo, and Yang Weixian, the eldest young lady of the Yang family, can be described as a pair of talents and beauties created by nature. Miss Jiang Si, the fattest in Chang'an, has no self-knowledge and wants to intervene JIANG Shaoyan, who has been at the peak of her appearance all her life, opened her eyes and became Miss Jiang Si, who can fight three with one... in his previous life, he tried everything to plan for his people, but in the end he ended up being a "evil girl" who was despised by the world. He was born again. Jiang Shaoyan just wanted to be a salted fish. From then on, he wantonly lived his life with peach blossom wine, gold and jade, and colorful clothes Ji Chongyan, the eldest son of the government of an, said that he was simple in the heart of the emperor and deep in the city. He was known as the first childe of Chang'an. After a trip to Baoling City, he always regarded himself as tall, but his eyes fell on the woman holding an umbrella in the wind and rain Ji Chongyan stared and sighed: "it's really ice flesh and jade, and lotus grows step by step." the entourage was surprised: this woman is as strong as a hill. Is there something wrong with her eyes?

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