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Be a rookie in the survival game

Be a rookie in the survival game

Be a rookie in the survival game

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    Be a rookie in the survival game
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    Little one
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    People Books
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2023-03-16 01:46:57
When other players were puzzled by the sudden survival game, Bai Ruyi, who was pulled into the survival game, watched the falling reward open the hanging life what? The master of the ancient castle wants to kill me, and the defense Rune will be arranged immediately what? The strange NPC wants to eat me, and the space symbol is arranged for you # a gloomy ancient castle where one person died overnight # # an old house in a mountain village closed by heavy snow # # an isolated desert island # ... natural and man-made disasters, survive in a desperate situation. If you escape the game, you will die, but if you live for seven days, you will die Bai Ruyi is finally driven crazy: let the storm come more violently special note: there is no CP in this article

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