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Be unlucky in the survival game

Be unlucky in the survival game

Be unlucky in the survival game

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6163 ratings
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    Be unlucky in the survival game
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    Butterfly in the mirror
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    Day Books
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2022-03-11 00:47:04
Lin yunyun was unlucky. He participated in 999 strategy games and came back to provide for the elderly, but he was pulled into the survival game with a luck value of - 900 million as we all know, she is a bad luck body, but actually she is a mold sucking body. She can suck away the bad luck of the people she likes and open up all kinds of things in their lives - No. 1 girl friend was pushed into the water by her rival, became a transgressor, and upgraded to a strange and abusive residue in a different world No. 2's best friend was dismembered by her fiance and became a reborn person. She went back to the past and changed her life to abuse slag No. 3 girl friend was poisoned by dogs, men and women. She has a system and quickly wears it to all over the world to do tasks and abuse slag male friend No. 4 stayed up late to play games and died suddenly. Wearing the game, he became a master of online game patches... male friend No. 5 stayed up late and died suddenly. He became a Book wearer and filled in the cool articles written in those years... according to the law of conservation of luck, they didn't have so much good luck to become big men / women. It's not Lin yunyun who is carrying a heavy load. Oh, no, bad luck one day, Qi Yu encircled the little unlucky egg in his arms and declared sovereignty - you can't be someone else's goddess of luck, Xing five livestock and Wang Liuding best friend group (5 persons): five animals? Who Qi Yu: good, you can only Wangfu Lin yunyun:

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