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I run the entertainment business by dreaming

I run the entertainment business by dreaming

I run the entertainment business by dreaming

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    I run the entertainment business by dreaming
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    Night glass
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    Passion Novel
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2022-05-14 02:09:55
[this article is free. Tianchong 1v1, Shuangjie, he] Cen Wei, a well-off 18 line actor, fought all the way in the performing arts circle. Unexpectedly, she found a top film star to live with at the award ceremony - a reporter asked: "Miss Cen said that the mate selection standard needs to be clean and transparent. Do you still count now?" Cen Wei was stunned and smiled and said, "naturally, it's better if it's an outsider." five minutes later, Shen Nanyi, the film emperor who hasn't posted a microblog in a year, sent a dynamic message for the first time, with only one sentence SHEN Nanyi: his family is clean and his life experience is transparent. Or I'll step back in an instant, the whole network exploded * * a mixed society 18 line actress who loves acting, X is a top film emperor with gentle and elegant appearance and black tongue inside Reading Guide: 1. If you have a variety show plot, don't enter if you don't like it 2. The plot is slow, and the relationship between men and women is not slow 3. Look at literature rationally, and women are the growth type. The characters have no prototype and the background is overhead. Please don't substitute and be too careful 4. Thank you for your reading. Please point out your comments and criticisms. Please refer to and modify them as appropriate ~