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Whatever you encounter can be found

Whatever you encounter can be found

Whatever you encounter can be found

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1738 ratings
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    Whatever you encounter can be found
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    A little later
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    18ws Read
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2022-08-02 18:50:12
At first sight, the teenager had white skin, willow shaped eyes, upturned corners of his eyes, a long, slender nose, and a little impatient face. She looked at her for a few times and didn't speak. so she became his deskmate. later, she knew that his name was Ji Xing, who was the grass of the school. He was handsome, rich at home, didn't like learning, and liked to skip classes and fight. many girls in the school liked him, Slowly, those people also included her ... Wen Wan didn't know when he liked last season's stars was it the fight that happened to him, when the teenager stood tall and thin in front of her to protect her, and then sent her home? Is it his warm embrace when his aunt is embarrassed and helpless? When she was blocked, he happened to pass by to save her she thought, maybe earlier than these... on the day when I was with Ji Xing, my joy seemed to go to my head. On the day of leaving Shengyang City and Ji Xing, sadness lingered for a long time, eroding the lungs ... after more than three years, I met Ji Xing again. It was an afternoon of Wen's freshman night. She was almost hit by basketball. The teenager appeared in front of her like a God and took the ball flying from the air with one hand fragment: "are you the Savior?" her eyes were confused and looked at him and became eager again. "God is omnipotent, Ji Xing, you cross me" "I only cross you" the teenager said softly ... she said "Ji Xing, I'm not sick. I just like you so much that I don't like you. I like you myself..." "I know..." only Wen Wan knows that youth is redemption for her

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