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The last fat girl s counter attack

The last fat girl s counter attack

The last fat girl s counter attack

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    The last fat girl s counter attack
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    Bao baozi
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    18ws Read
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2022-01-14 18:45:45
Qiao Lingxiang, who weighs 250 and has a fat physique to drink water, was killed in a farmland. She neither crossed nor reborn. She opened her eyes and pretended to be a corpse then she got a strange ability. As long as she lost a little weight, she could have healing ability she thought she had a power that could cure all diseases for others however, I found that I can also promote more plants and point stone mineralization therefore, the first step to survival is to go out and set up a stall... Selling cannibals, playing strange auxiliary tools, selling immortal grass, necessary hemostatic drugs and energy mines out of the city, so you don't have to worry about power failure at home in the future Oh, I said, the little brother who is No. 1 in the list of the last world experts next door, will you go out to the training booth tonight Cen Yi, who used to take a nap in the window, smelled the speech, took the book off his face, looked at his neighbor's sister who was smiling like flowers outside the window, raised her slender fingers and said boldly: "you're closer to me. My brother has all the supplies tonight."

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