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Buddha is really good at beating faces

Buddha is really good at beating faces

Buddha is really good at beating faces

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    Buddha is really good at beating faces
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    Su muzheyue
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    Cool Novel
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2022-08-08 16:45:16
The mirror went down the mountain and became the real daughter of the rich family in Jiangcheng I wish everyone in my family doesn't like this little nun from the mountains. I'm very prepared for the fake Qianjin pass and warn that the real Qianjin wants to replace the fake Qianjin Mingjing doesn't fight or rob. He eats fast and chants Buddha every day without desire or desire. I wish my brother has provoked a big official. I wish my wife took great pains to ask the first lady to intercede in exchange for ruthless ridicule - in the face of master Mingjing, I'll give you a chance I wish my wife: I wish Dad that the company is in crisis and urgently needs to hold the richest man's thigh. The richest man despises that he mistook pearls for fish eyes. I think your investment vision is a little poisonous I wish Dad: the fake daughter wanted to stink the real daughter at the banquet. However, it has been known since then that the real daughter of the family is as beautiful as an immortal and kind-hearted fake gold: Prince Qu Feitai, a rich and powerful family, is a part-time top class, calling the wind and rain in the entertainment circle, and the stars support the moon in the life variety show, a weak female guest came. She cut firewood in her left hand, pulled noodles in her right hand, steamed, fried and cooked easily. He was stunned by his life idiot the final of the international Shaowei competition was broadcast live. My cousin, known as a go genius, was anxious and hard-working, while the familiar looking beautiful girl in the opposite side was calm and killed with one move Xueba's best friend cried and said to him, I haven't won the second place since your goddess came Qu Feitai: how many surprises do you have that I don't know until one day, he saw her talking to a group of old monks at the world Buddhist exchange meeting and promoting Buddhism. Qu Feitai panicked... you have six clean roots and see through the world of mortals, but I have to drag you to the world of mortals. It's a big deal. You go to bliss and I go to hell.

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