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Princess, she bound the underground app

Princess, she bound the underground app

Princess, she bound the underground app

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    Princess, she bound the underground app
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    Xiao Hua Nian
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    Pc Books
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2022-01-15 02:29:15
[women dressed as men] [1v1 spoiled without abuse] Xiao Qishao, who has been bound to the underground app since childhood, has returned to Beijing on the first day of returning home, the stone lion in the town house was painted with dog blood by her, and she wouldn't let anyone wipe it in two days, I went to the random burial post, dug up a fresh body and dragged it to the Yamen to play drums and complain about my grievance. I had to say that he died pitifully "it's even more terrible this time. Xiao Qishao dances in the yard. The God talks and scares a little servant girl to death. She's guilty!" "..." she's an absurd smelly brother. People dislike dogs one, two, five or six brothers of the Xiao family said: this child is not his own she is also a master of Xuanmen. Her divine eyes are like electricity fortune telling, Qi watching, Feng Shui, yin and Yang, heaven and earth divination, life and death, all these need more money absurd dandies are ignorant and incompetent. People with good words are blessed she just wanted to work hard to make achievements and change yangshou in the app, but she didn't expect too many Yin virtues. She accidentally became the crown princess ---- "my brother is evil every day. I read ancient books and don't know how to cure this problem..." "we can accept the above problems, but the consequences of his broken sleeve habit are too serious. This is the tenth time he smiled at the smelly man!" "I'm afraid he's going to cut off his son and grandchildren. The throne... Can't be robbed..." the prince pondered.