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Through my princess of talent

Through my princess of talent

Through my princess of talent

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    Through my princess of talent
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    Xifeng Xiaoxin
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    Woske Novel
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2023-03-17 04:21:14
Once she crossed, she became the daughter of the prime minister and married the son of the emperor. She treated the enemy like a sharp knife and said, "a tree will die without skin. No doubt, people don't want face. The world is invincible. If you're a pot, she covers it. Two shameless people cover it together and almost annoy people." to her husband, she once said, "you think your face is bark, others have to be woodpeckers!" but no matter how powerful our heroine is, Finally, he didn't escape the palm of the fox. Ah... Ask what love is in the world. It's called one thing down to one thing. Play around ancient times, harvest marriage, and see how modern little women make trouble in ancient times.