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I started lying win mode in sadistic text

I started lying win mode in sadistic text

I started lying win mode in sadistic text

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    I started lying win mode in sadistic text
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    Piedmont fish
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    Health Books
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2023-03-20 21:52:12
She wore a book in the middle of the night and became an insignificant cannon fodder role in an ancient abusive novel. She wanted to wait for the men and women to fall in love and kill each other to finish the plot. She returned to modern times and continued to live an interesting little life but before she knew it, she found that the little eyes of the man looking at her were getting more and more wrong. It looked like a fish on the hook calm down but the plot is getting more and more crooked. How can it be broken if you don't pay attention, you start with a small maid and become the queen of the world Lord Wang: "I've laid down a land that I can only share with Xiao Luo." Princess: "sister Luo is the best for me. If anyone wrongs her, the princess will certainly make her look good!" General Fu Guo: "I'm willing to open up territory for sister Luo!" Future empress dowager: "In the future, Xiao Nuo will take care of such a big harem. No one wants to embarrass her, otherwise AI family will never tolerate it!"

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