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Old, old, I like it

Old, old, I like it

Old, old, I like it

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    Old, old, I like it
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    Bingqi purlin
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    Mountain Book
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2023-04-01 07:12:49
The Meile galaxy, 9300 light-years away from the earth, has an empty Jim star like the earth. The degree of civilization is similar to the earth, but about 50 years earlier than the earth unlike the solar system, meiler galaxy is a star with a planet like the Sun orbiting it the leg reactionary organization is suspected of anti human research. It is the public enemy of the whole empty Jim star. It has members from all races, so all countries try to get rid of it among them, yanhun family has the largest output ---- the little girl met a handsome boss when she went out with her mother. The boss opened a time Bureau in the scenic spot. The little girl was determined to enter here when she grew up finally admitted to the target university and found the boss as he wished. He told her a lot of interesting stories and made people immersive by chance, the little girl worshipped her boss as her teacher she fell in love with him and caught up with him in the end, I found that it was just a dream

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