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The Black Lotus girl was born again

The Black Lotus girl was born again

The Black Lotus girl was born again

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    The Black Lotus girl was born again
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    Parrot basks in the moon
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    Pc Books
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2022-01-17 14:46:32
After Xiang Xinci died, mingxiluo dug her grave and took it out to whip the corpse Xiang Xinci is not surprised when she first got married, his mother was making a fuss in the back house. She made his mother dare not speak again later, his little cousin wanted to climb the bed timidly, and she ordered someone to hang it at the gate! The next day his little cousin committed suicide. Since you are so shameful, why did you need it at the beginning she is a legitimate daughter of a high family. She married a small family. Do you still look at the face of an old peasant woman and her son later, Ming Xiluo killed people like a hemp, rose to a high position and weight step by step, and subverted the imperial platform; She was boring in the inner house and hooked up with the first scholar of the state of Daliang in short, there are too many reasons to count, so it's not surprising to be whipped however, no matter what happened, it has been a long time. With the spirit of mingxiluo, if you didn't retaliate at the beginning, you wouldn't whip the corpse afterwards is it true? He knew he killed his little cousin and his white moonlight or... Some dark things surfaced there are too many reasons. I really can't remember. Just dig. It's all after death. Why bother however, Xiang Xinci was reborn and returned to the year when he was 14 however! She decided to do a good thing, bypass the Dafu temple and don't know mingxiluo there are thousands of men in the world. Why hold down a pit! Let others fight Ⅱ warm tips: (happy to take off the slag, women are the real slag, men are the Yin damage, and men are also cruel)

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