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A group favorite girl dressed as a villain

A group favorite girl dressed as a villain

A group favorite girl dressed as a villain

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    A group favorite girl dressed as a villain
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    Milk orange Mousse
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    18ws Read
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2023-03-17 14:54:14
[wearing books * group pet * little bag with black belly] others wear books as princesses, queens and concubines, but Ji SHANGCHU has nothing to do with the plot it has nothing to do with it. On the first day of wearing it, I also experienced the butcher village, and my parents died I feel depressed at the beginning of the season in order to live well, she naturally needs to hold a good thigh Wang Sheng, who is invincible, literate and martial, and charming, has become the primary candidate for her father since then, Wang Sheng has a small bag behind him: Daddy is long, daddy is short, and daddy's pension is in charge at the beginning empress dowager: "Ai's granddaughter is so cute." Emperor: "my little niece is so cute." Grand Master Wen: "my granddaughter-in-law is so cute." Chu Yao: "?" Lord Sheng has thousands of defenses. He can prevent near thieves, but he can't prevent far thieves... Song Xuanqing, a young doctor of Gu, experienced the world's coldness and warmth, but was defeated by the pomegranate skirt of the little princess of Western Chu a few years ago, Ji SHANGCHU happened to pick up a blood jade unicorn. A few years later, she was forced to a corner by song Xuanqing, the Gu God. The man was as innocent as a fairy in the sky. A smile of evil spirits was enough to attract souls "the little princess knows that the blood Jade Kirin you are wearing is an engagement object of the Song family Erlang. The little princess has worn it for many years, so song can only recognize the little princess's fiancee." Ji SHANGCHU: "!"

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