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When she was reborn, she just wanted a career

When she was reborn, she just wanted a career

When she was reborn, she just wanted a career

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    When she was reborn, she just wanted a career
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    Zi Jinluo
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-08-05 21:48:52
Back three years ago, Shen Chuli made up his mind to spend more time with his mother, avoid the company's financial crisis and win the title of film queen the most important thing is to stay away from jiangsiyu, which ignored her love in her previous life and indirectly led to her death but gradually, she found that things backfired on wechat, Jiang Siyu took the initiative to add her friend and said to her: Mr. Shen, I have a friend who likes you very much. He asked me for a signed photo of you, OK at the variety show, Shen Chuli conscientiously completed the task of the program group, but Jiang Siyu, her opponent group, secretly gave her water when filming, Shen Chuli played the script politely and alienated, but Jiang Siyu, her opponent, confessed to her through his lines at the end of the program recording, she just missed the car accident that caused her death in her previous life. Shen Chuli breathed a sigh of relief, looked at the light in the darkness ahead, and waited for the dawn, which was the beginning of her new life just waiting, a tall and slender figure appeared in front of her. Jiangsiyu came to her from the boundless night: "I had a dream, in which you said you liked me." SHEN Chuli replied casually, "don't believe it, dreams are the opposite." he said, "yes, they are the opposite." he liked Shen Chuli all his life.

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