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The Almighty villain is strong and cruel

The Almighty villain is strong and cruel

The Almighty villain is strong and cruel

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    The Almighty villain is strong and cruel
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    Long boat crossing the moon
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    18ws Read
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2023-04-01 07:55:03
[old lady wears today] previous life: in order to get rid of the puppet's fate, she went from tribe to court. From a witch to a high priest step by step, she gained supreme power and became a devil that everyone could kill this life: behind the interlocking conspiracy, she escaped again with an unexpected fire the abbot who took her in gave her a string of Buddha beads and admonished her that only compassion can subdue the devil Wei Qingtan doesn't care. She doesn't believe in life or Buddhism. No one in the world can make her compassionate - Gu Erye, the blind and crippled former heir of Gu's family, was photographed dating an ugly, fat and frustrated woman six months after he disappeared. They sighed: it's a pity to be willing to degenerate. A perfect match - GU Junyu was once the pride of heaven. In an accident, he became blind and disabled. He thought he would survive waiting for death all his life. Unexpectedly, one day, a mysterious woman broke into his house and occupied his bed as a high priest, Wei Qingtan is cold hearted and doesn't love anyone, but later, she offered Gu Junyu the most sincere sacrifice in the world - small theater: Wei Qingtan has coveted the beautiful second master Gu for a long time, but he can't find the right time to start one day, the delicate and frail second master Gu "accidentally" fell into her arms Wei Qingtan took the man back to his room [charming and beautiful high priest × Ruthless, gentle, scum] [double cleanliness, sweet pet.]

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