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Little crazy imperial concubine of the evil king

Little crazy imperial concubine of the evil king

Little crazy imperial concubine of the evil king

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    Little crazy imperial concubine of the evil king
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    Slow strawberry
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    Wind Book
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2022-04-02 11:19:39
The female owner of the top ten employees of innovation experts vs the male owner of the evil king of black heart boss pit goods Shen Yue made a move for the first time. At the scene of a large-scale escape from marriage and brothel she was saved by Xiao Rui's hero and ruined all her possessions by the way for the second time, Shen Yue was robbed of the bubble machine by Xiao Rui and splashed with mud for the third time, Shen Yue searched the scene of a large-scale assassin Save Xiao Rui from fire and water, and destroy her bubble bath when threatened later... Xiao Rui became her boss unexpectedly, the black hearted boss will never return on Keng Wang Road pit my silk? Shall I take you to the officer take out the gold bar and give the salary to the boss the golden toilet. What other ideas do you have? Take them out Yes, the golden coffin. Would you like to ~ boss Xiao: the emperor focuses on agriculture and business, robs me of the North Sea and wants my life. What should I do employee Shen: well done boss Xiao threatened the negative test: repeat employee Shen's standard smile: vigorously engage in business, shine on the North Sea, catch him seven inches, pull his hair, poke his heart, and take control of him... boss Xiao: good employee Shen: what are my benefits? Gold? Flower Sea? Maritime Silk Road? Salt merchant? Business school boss Xiao: with me, it's yours. It's all yours ~