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The lady of rebirth is frivolous

The lady of rebirth is frivolous

The lady of rebirth is frivolous

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    The lady of rebirth is frivolous
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    Kai Xiaomo
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2022-09-19 19:40:45
[full text free] the new book "the last salted fish lady, she is full of grade" asks the babies to support ~ what fills my mind is the picture of hatred: it turns out that the gentle care once was fake, and a simple bag of rice is my whole value those who love themselves have been ignored by themselves until they die who rules the world when the last world is reborn Zhang Xian only knows that in this life, since she will do it again, she will no longer live up to those who are good to herself. For those who have been trapped in injustice, bullied and insulted themselves, she needs them to pay a heavy price.

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