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Yu Shaohua

Yu Shaohua

Yu Shaohua

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    Yu Shaohua
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    Good morning frost
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    Wine Novel
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2023-05-01 07:55:24
What is the most? It's a goblin. Are goblins against immortals? no Immortals also come from the cultivation of goblins. In order to educate ordinary goblins, the immortals who first got the Tao established schools and designed lessons to teach them how to become real people and how to understand the Tao of heaven. Since then, the goblins have made great efforts. The fewer people make trouble, and the six realms are peaceful Bai Yu is a fox spirit. He has been wandering for thousands of years. Finally, he caught the opportunity to study in this college. Cheng said that in ten thousand years, there will always be a story