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My husband s name is Liu Kun

My husband s name is Liu Kun

My husband s name is Liu Kun

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    My husband s name is Liu Kun
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    Lose one's conscience
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    Qishi Book
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2022-08-02 04:46:12
Friendly tips: This article is balsam pear candy. Please consider it and decide whether to eat it or not ------------------------ tell the story of the two from the "personal" perspective of husband and wife the young couple opened a little fool restaurant the catering price is affordable, so the income is not very high, But the business is good and can barely make a living her husband's name is Liu Kun and her wife's name is Ao yuanai there's a beige dog in the shop called fa cai. Fa cai was once an abandoned Labrador. Liu Kun found it on the road one day when he was purchasing goods there is also a rural child who dropped out of junior high school before finishing junior high school. His name is Wang Da. He is an orphan, 16 years old. He is short, only about one meter six, but the child is OK when Wang Da wandered into the city with less than 20 yuan left, he inadvertently went to the little couple's shop and was accepted by the kind couple. Although he was an orphan, he was honest and honest. The most important thing was that he was good at cooking and just became a cook in the shop< br>........

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