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Crossing the farm gate, craftsman girl

Crossing the farm gate, craftsman girl

Crossing the farm gate, craftsman girl

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    Crossing the farm gate, craftsman girl
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    Qu Shang
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    Weixin Book
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2022-01-17 01:39:55
Jiang Xin only lived 35 years old under the care of her parents because of her congenital deficiencies it was not easy to exchange the donated body for a rebirth. When I woke up, I found a big bag on my head not only did she expect her body to be flawed she also became a poor little girl who was abandoned by her parents and depended on her grandmother in the disaster year or a shameless bitch pestering private school students or is it a waste of crying when you don't work hard good guy the feeling God is to let her rebirth keep up with the situation of the first life but is she a man of destiny What if you are penniless? My sister taught you to cover the white wolf with empty hands in any case, she must have what others have, such as fighting for the best, doing business, building machinery, repairing houses and buying fields men are no exception master, do you think so? Hee hee