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I picked up the male golden finger

I picked up the male golden finger

I picked up the male golden finger

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    I picked up the male golden finger
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    Clay figurine operator
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    Ethical Novel
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2023-04-13 07:26:33
After Xia Huan wore the main text of the book "one bucket of the world in the upper position", she was the identity of the cannon fodder queen. Her role was to protect the male Lord from the wind and rain first, occupy a position, and wait for her brothers to grow up. Whoever raised it well, he would kill her in the upper position What if there are too many brothers? If you don't know who to give you a place, you'd better do it yourself... "no, no, no, no, you don't think it's difficult to sit in this position?" "no, no, no, I just have a harder fist!" Xia Huan's goal in life is very simple, to sit in the highest position and live the most rough days disobedient? The problem that can be solved with fist is not a problem daughter I have high-rise buildings, artillery and modern industry. Is it really important for my daughter force ceiling Infrastructure

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