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Dressed as Fubao, her vicious cousin

Dressed as Fubao, her vicious cousin

Dressed as Fubao, her vicious cousin

Rating: 9 / 10 from 49202 ratings
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    Dressed as Fubao, her vicious cousin
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    Summer North and South
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    The One Book
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Ke Meiyu was the "Canary" raised by the big man Ying Yan in the end of the world. She hated the tyranny and indifference of big men, and longed for freedom to live an ordinary life so when a wave of zombies attacked, she blocked the fatal blow of the Zombie King for him, pretending to be affectionate and reluctant to give up, so as to punish him for depriving him of his freedom for more than ten years unexpectedly, when she woke up, she even wore a good wife and mother system in the 1970s and became a little peasant woman with five brothers who loved her parents and milk. In any case, she got the script of Tuan pet however, it's the woman who goes out and turns right What's more terrible is that the boss came after him in human skin!

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