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It is said that the host is spicy

It is said that the host is spicy

It is said that the host is spicy

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    It is said that the host is spicy
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    Chestnut light milk
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    Free Novel
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2023-01-20 18:44:58
Do you think this is the eternal love between Gao Leng Xianjun and little pepper fairy No, no, no this is a cat and mouse game between the sick God and the soft fairy Tang Su, as the first hot strip to become an immortal in the world, is most dissatisfied with her face and figure! As the originator of the spicy world, the king of the chili world should be a charming Daji with all kinds of customs and hot body but actually: "crisp, good, ask me to hold!" the cold eunuch opened his arms the little girl was furious. "I'm a hot strip. Be careful I'll make you angry!" the little girl's delicate and soft appearance melted people's hearts. The man smiled and picked it up... ow, spicy, yyds! (always drop God) wear little sweet Wen. The sweet and wild spicy fairy has swept all over the world again!