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Pampering the princess is the richest man

Pampering the princess is the richest man

Pampering the princess is the richest man

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    Pampering the princess is the richest man
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    Qi Qingbao
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-08-06 03:33:56
In the last life, Qiao Yifei, the eldest daughter of the Qiao family, a rich businessman in Ningcheng, didn't know until her death that the orphan adopted by her grandfather was a cruel and cruel white eyed wolf. The Qiao family was killed, her family was destroyed and her wealth fell into her hands, and she also died fortunately, in this life, Qiao Yifei tore the white lotus cousin and the hypocrite fiance. He was not interested in men. His only interest was to make money. He sat in Jinshan and Yinshan with his talent. He met a beautiful man in the world. Do you want or not? Qiao Yifei said she was embarrassed small theater: cousin (Wei qubaba): sister Fei, you misunderstood me Qiao Yifei: really fiance (affectionate): Fei Er, I am infatuated with you Qiao Yifei: really a prince (expressionless): Fei Fei Qiao Yifei (smiling): I'm coming, I'm coming rebirth business war sweet text

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